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The famous Sharjah Cricket Stadium
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The famous Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Sharjah is known as one of the most-sought cricket destinations after the Lords Cricket Ground; due to being a high-profile venue. It all started back in the 80s when Pakistan used to play here and entertain the cricket lovers. The bustling crowd, lavish lifestyles, and unending support for cricket; make it one of the best grounds to play at.

Players from all around the world love to come here and play. Especially, if top cricket teams like Australia, England, South Africa, Pakistan and India are visiting Sharjah, people would be lining up outside the hotel rooms and stadium to catch a glimpse at them. And the best part is that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

History of the Sharjah Cricket Stadium

The stadium was established in the 1980s, where it became a dedicated cricket stadium. The stadium is located in the midst of the city; unlike other stadiums in the country. This not only makes it a sight to see for the visitors; but also, quite convenient for the crowds to enter the ground.

In the earlier 1990s, SCS became a common ground for arch cricketing rivals to showcase their hunger for supremacy on the field. Fast forward to four decades, and currently, it’s a second home ground for Pakistani cricketers. Not only the matches here are thrilling, but they also add home ground advantage for Pakistani cricketers.

Cricket Museum

As a cricket fanatic, you might find a cricket museum a paradise. Lucky for you, Sharjah Cricket Stadium has that museum in it. The stadium hosted most top teams around the world, and many legends made some remarkable memories here. It is really fascinating for a cricketing fan to behold the memoirs at display in the museum.

The captivating support

The UAE is a second home to several British, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, Sri Lankans, Australians, South Africans and many more; and these nations are crazy about Cricket which has turned several Emiratis to also go crazy about the sport. Even the smallest of fixtures in the ground is appreciated with open arms by the citizens of Sharjah. People here are relatively close to the action; which makes the atmosphere electrifying. The response from the crowd motivates the players to perform an extra bit for their loved ones.

The future of Cricket in Sharjah

Sharjah Cricket Stadium holds matches all year; from domestic fixtures to professional matches of T20 leagues. The best part is that the matches will continue to be organized in this remarkable stadium. In fact, the cricket boards are organizing various tournaments and Sharjah Cricket Stadium is always one of their favorite choices.

Final words

Over the years, UAE has amplified its sports culture. We talked about how Sharjah Cricket Stadium became famous and known for hosting cricket matches. But do you know that the country is expanding its wings in the sports sector quite rapidly? So, if you are an avid fan of sports and want to experience the live action, Sharjah is your next destination! You are going to witness one of the most extravagant sporting venues around the world in Sharjah.

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