People and Culture

The culture of Sharjah is a reflection of Islam and Arab traditions. The architecture, music, attire, cuisine and lifestyle in the city are highly influenced by the Islamic and Arab culture which has made Sharjah renowned for its commitment to arts, culture and preserving its heritage.

The year, 1998, marked the achievement when UNESCO awarded Sharjah with the title “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” representing the UAE. The spirit of history and culture is evidently alive in Sharjah as the authorities have indicatively incorporated tradition into every aspect of contemporary development.

Several cultural institutions have been established by the official decree and they are responsible for conservation of cultural heritage, active interaction with other cultures, construction of museums and the other cultural, scientific and artistic centers in Sharjah.

Heart of Sharjah, a cultural heritage project, has been undertaken to preserve and restore the old town of Sharjah and give it back the look of 1950s. It is a five-phase project intended to complete in 2025.