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4 Top Places to Hang Out for Free in Sharjah
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4 Top places to hang out for free in Sharjah

Sharjah is well-known for the arts and cultural hubs in the UAE. For people who are fond of exploring museums and historical places, Sharjah is crammed full of sightseeing prospects. The city’s main attraction is the Art Museum and Islamic Civilization Museum, which almost every visitor already knows. But in this article, we will explain five of the top places to hang out for free in Sharjah.

Sharjah owns a unique history in the region and offers a long list of places where people can go and behold the Arab culture oozing out from each element which is indeed a fantastic sight to experience.

  1. Central Market

Central Market Sharjah is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. This place is not only popular among the residents but also all tourists would love to visit this place. It has work of blue-tiled on the exterior, and that’s the reason why it’s also known as Blue Souk. You will find over 600 shops in this marketplace where visitors will see departments dedicated to gold jewelry, perfumes, clothing, etc. Its upper floor presents the authentic Arabian bazaars, where vendors sell jewelry from different regions, carpets, antiques, and striking souvenirs. Once you are done shopping, you can go and have food as there are plenty of cafeterias out there. The variety in the food is also never-ending like the culture sites in Sharjah. Every cuisine has its own unique taste and it’s worthwhile to try and introduce it to your taste buds.

  1. Kalba

Kalba is an old-fashioned fishing village producing fresh fish on the seashore. This place is around 112 km of Sharjah’s main city; the place has a charm for a stroll worth a trip for Al Hisn Museum built 200 years back. There you can see the perfectly restored House of Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al-Qassimi, with a thrilling display of traditional musical instruments and furniture.

In the south of Kalba village, you can have a Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve, the famous mangrove forest in the entire world. If you love birds, this would be a paradise for you, specifically during migration seasons. You can find the white-collared kingfishers, a rare breed, easily. Also, you can see reef herons and booted warblers. You can hire a canoe or boat for this trip, and this won’t cost you much.

  1. Al Mahatta Museum

The Al Mahatta Museum is especially for all the aviation fans out there. The Al Mahatta Museum was the first airport in UAE and it has a rich history and a prominent place in the list of hang out places in Sharjah. The museum was first opened back in 1932 for passenger flights from India to the UK.

The museum has captivating information about the life of airports and city as like in the 1930s. So if you are fond of knowing history in terms of aviation, this one is best for you. Aviation students must visit this place once in their student life to learn how they started and what they have achieved so far.

Not only this museum, but you can also visit the UAE’s first cinema, which is located right at the back of this Al Mahatta Museum. So this way, you can enjoy two historical places on a single ticket. This museum is open from Saturday to Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm. You just have to pay 5 – 10 AED.

  1. Mleiha Archeological Site

One of the best ways to explore Sharjah’s history is by venturing into the desert to see the Mleiha archeological sites. This was built around the Umm al Nar tomb; also, you will be able to discover Faya North East, which proves that humans were living there somehow 130,000 years back.

One more interesting fact of this Mleiha Archeological Site is sprayed on roads while the spaces are filled with objects and artifacts. Your first spot would be the fort built around 2,000 years back and symbolizes the pre-Islamic period. The palace is also an attraction for tourists as this is a multi-room building with plastered flooring.

This place is not free for adults as well as kids; all you need to buy a 20-40 AED ticket which is super normal for the tourists as you will be able to experience the extreme history of the city. Also, you got a chance to visit Mleiha Desert Safari, camping overnight in the desert.

The Final Word

There is a lot more to see in Sharjah, including parks, mosques, and bazaars, but the above-mentioned places have some magical effect on the visitors. These are worth visiting places; this is what the tourists have told about their experience who have visited Sharjah and they are keen to be on these places again and again. We are sure the beauty of these sites in Sharjah will also mesmerize you.

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